Ferox Powder Pouch 150g

Fuel Additives

  1. Fuel Treatment
  2. 150g Treats up to 8000L
  3. For Gasoline & Diesel
  4. Benefits:
    1. Improves engine performance and combustion efficiency.
    2. Extends engine component and oil life.
    3. Removes carbon deposits.
    4. Reduces harmful tailpipe emissions.
  5. How it Works:
    1. Ferox Powder lowers the energy of the activation necessary to burn off carbon deposits along combustion surfaces.
    2. Deposits are removed without causing harm to an engine
    3. The removal of deposits is the key to less friction and lower emissions.
    4. Regular use of Ferox Powder will prevent new deposits from forming along combustion surfaces, ensuring optimal performance at all times.
  6. Directions:
    1. For use in all types of hydrocarbon fuels.
    2. For proper mixing, add Ferox powder to the fuel tank prior to fueling.
  7. Warning:
    • Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, contact the poison control center at your location or international 001-800-222-1222
  8. Storage:
    • Do not store in direct sunlight or in extreme temperatures.
    • Storage area should be less than 22 degrees Celsius max

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